We wanted to invite the viewer to experience the essence of beauty through a lens of serene sophistication, where each frame celebrates the purity of skincare and the grace of blooming tulips.

We decided to encapsulate elegance through a minimalist lens, focusing on the delicate interplay between light, texture, and color palette. Simplicity emerged as an eloquent choice, harnessing strength in subtlety, yet commanding a great level of precision.

Each component of composition assumes a pivotal role, and every curated detail contributes to the overall sensual aesthetics, proving that the simplest form can often be the most compelling.



Directed by: 2:am | @_2__a.m__

DoP: Mikolaj Krawczunas | @mikolajkrawczunas

Texture stylist: Dorota Kossakowska | @dorota_journal

Model: Marianna Gembalczyk | @marianna_gembalczyk | @xmanagement_warsaw

Mua: Aleksandra Radzka | @aleksandra_radzka_makeup

Edit, Color & montage: Mikolaj Krawczunas | @mikolajkrawczunas