If you talk all the time, you’ll never hear what anybody else has to say
and the only thing you have to talk about is your own conversation.

The same is true for people who think all the time.
That means, when I use the word ‘think’; talking to yourself, sub-vocal conversation,
the constant chit-chat of symbols and images and talk and words inside your skull.

Now if you do that all the time you will find that you have nothing to think about except thinking.

And just as you have to stop talking to hear what others have to say,
you have to stop thinking [compulsively] to find out what life is all about.

And the moment you stop thinking You’d come into immediate contact with
what Korzybski called, so delightfully, the unspeakable world.


Dir: 2:am | @__2__a.m__
Talent: Alicja Jurek | @spikyuterus
Production: Sara Gołębiowska
Dress: ELEMENTY | @elementywear


Make up: Anna Piechocka | @by_catnel
Camera Operator: Dominik Kostka
Light & Grip: Roman Adasko | Marcin Święcicki
Montage & Color: Igor Gołczyński | @igor.golczynski
Voice: Alan Watts | The unspeakable world
Supported by @chptr_bybites